Sunday, December 27, 2009


whats that rat?

randie eppo

randie takeoff

first off Germany was pretty shit, was very good to see family but other then that was boring
ill post some pictures of the trip when i can be bothered. Since i have been home everything has gone perfect, i got home around 5pm saw a few people went for a surf with real fun little wedges until pitch black, wake up today with howling eastlys and small swell, went to rotto today with a few mates and a good mate from gold coast, got to box was pumping with only 2 people out and 1 ski but by the time we got in the 2 people pissed off (but still had to put up with the ski.) High light of the day would have to be hutchi getting sucked back over a huge bomb and getting stuck on the inside hahahahahahahaaa, i couldn't stop smiling all day.

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