Thursday, December 10, 2009


tomorrow will be my last day in perth for atleast a month, im heading off to germany for 2 weeks to see family that i have never seen before, im spending christmas there and get back on the 27th of decemeber and go up north for another 2 weeks on the 30th for some insane fishing, 4wd, and SURFING! hopefulyy i can use a computer over in Germany and will post blogs of pictures and what ive been doing if your slitley interested haha. Will be missing this weather alot! ohwell somthing different. (also i have never been out of WA so will be nutZzZzZ)
cya for now PEACEEE!
ily haydn/wutch
fuck you lauren

1 comment:

  1. hahahahahaha, oi wheres my Germany pictures?
    replace laurens name with hutch you cruel bastard haha.

    have funnnn :)