Tuesday, December 29, 2009


me scoring bluff last year

Will be leaving 2am tomorrow hopefully i can score some good waves and huge fish I'm hoping to make a mini movie of the trip if i have enough room on my memory cards. Pretty sure ill be pack on the 12th still not sure, going to miss home yet again bit will be 10 times better then Europe, will have my licence when i get back to yeyeyeyew
cya for now again


Sunday, December 27, 2009


whats that rat?

randie eppo

randie takeoff

first off Germany was pretty shit, was very good to see family but other then that was boring
ill post some pictures of the trip when i can be bothered. Since i have been home everything has gone perfect, i got home around 5pm saw a few people went for a surf with real fun little wedges until pitch black, wake up today with howling eastlys and small swell, went to rotto today with a few mates and a good mate from gold coast, got to box was pumping with only 2 people out and 1 ski but by the time we got in the 2 people pissed off (but still had to put up with the ski.) High light of the day would have to be hutchi getting sucked back over a huge bomb and getting stuck on the inside hahahahahahahaaa, i couldn't stop smiling all day.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


tomorrow will be my last day in perth for atleast a month, im heading off to germany for 2 weeks to see family that i have never seen before, im spending christmas there and get back on the 27th of decemeber and go up north for another 2 weeks on the 30th for some insane fishing, 4wd, and SURFING! hopefulyy i can use a computer over in Germany and will post blogs of pictures and what ive been doing if your slitley interested haha. Will be missing this weather alot! ohwell somthing different. (also i have never been out of WA so will be nutZzZzZ)
cya for now PEACEEE!
ily haydn/wutch
fuck you lauren

Monday, December 7, 2009

tHe BiG C

so dreamy

Clayton's has been going off with the 2.5 million tone of sand that has dumped and come out of no where, it has made the banks insane and there are good waves on a 1.6 meter swell and 30 knot southly. But if it gets crowded, Clayton's locals don't get happy and I'm pretty sure a few people know that by now... I still need to work out my camera settings and need to learn out to take photos haha

Friday, December 4, 2009


my favorite
stupid flash
stupid flash

was a pretty good one yesterday arvo.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Other Post

da boizzzzz
look at you

Today got up surfed Clayton's around 7:30 with the SUPER low tide, made things abit weird, my mate called me asked if i wanted to shoot Yanchep so went there and apparently it was to sharky to surf after a few dark spot sightings, went back home and surfed the good local with about 15.1 million people out, here are a few random shots i took.

Double Blog

me kooking
i got nothing on lewys picture


Jamie Zanatta, local photographer for the big C got some insane shots today. He will be starting a blog this summer so look out for it!