Monday, November 30, 2009

Summer Banks

Adam Door (show shutter)
Curly Fries




Adam Door

Adam Door

Random Scoop



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are roaring in action now, Sukey,wedgie waves like the good old times. Morning have been shit but arovo's seem to pick up much more swell and produce the goods, took a few shots yesterday arvo lots of people out, unfortunately i got no real good shots out of the hundreds i took haha, sorry boys, still learning, need to get my timing right and just need to get better in general at photography

Friday, November 27, 2009

Curly Fries

photo 3


take off

Mark Sherman, local, derro, shredder, what ever he, is this kid shows em who's boss, mark shreds for a 14/15 year old, I've seen him boost of small waves and charge the big ones. If you have ever surfed Mindies you mostly have seen this kid he surfs no waves or waves no matter what the swell is, he is as keen as can be. Took some photos of him smoking some PHAT barrels this morning, nice clean small waves nothing special. Enjoy! (photos are last to first)


Has still got to be one of my favourit bands and possibly the best melodic metal bands created, there newest album "Controller" was released July 22nd and recorded early 2008. One of the best album with all 10 songs, a rating 10/10 from me. Songs on this album are called

  1. "Nothing" - 4:05

  2. "Weight of the World" - 2:50

  3. "Labyrinthian" - 4:12

  4. "Parallels" - 3:42

  5. "Coma" - 4:51

  6. "A Certain Death" - 3:25

  7. "Set In Motion" - 3:48

  8. "Ebb and Flow" - 3:27

  9. "Reset" - 6:16

  10. "Homecoming" - 5:09

Best song would have to be "Coma". this album is full of brutal breakdowns, clean guitar tones, and full on growls haha, anyway if your into to new metal have a listen

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

fun day

Today was a pretty fun day woke up at about 7ish looked outside at the outer reefs and saw waves got suited up down the beach next thing i hear is a rip noise, i had ripped a 5cm rip on the leg of my $400 wetsuit wasnt to pleased, got in the water had a good surf with right hollow sucky waves and crumbling left due to the SSE winds, went home to take a few photos of the waves nothing good came up apart from 1 or 2 photos, i meet a really really cool guy at the beach who sings on a band called Catharis(i think thats what it is called) anyway he was talking about how he knows all the parkway drive boys( biggest metal band in the world) and how he has stayed at the parkway house and has known wiston for over 8 years and says "winston is one of the most under rated surfers, he can boost of the smallest waves".
came home chilled with my good mate hutchi took a few photos, took a few portraits of him to suss things out, seems like they turned out alright. Hopefuly the surf is good tomorrow, all my mates get back from leavers so i can annoy them now!
tell me what you think of my photos even if you think they are shit haa! (




Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bunyips Bordom

who dosent know this kid....
takes the best pictures i have ever seen!


the dog that everyone loves

Brother #6


Hey scrags,

first blog, don't know what I'm doing, but everyone seems to have one. I will be blogging on local surf seshes, people, photos, videos anything really. It was my birthday yesterday, dad the sneaky dog got me my camera that i was supposed to be getting for Christmas, bit I'm not complaining, here are some random shots i took last night when i got it,